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Infographic Design

Not only are infographics visually appealing and fun to look at, but they’re also an extremely effective marketing tool.

This is for you if you are a marketer, business owner, teacher, or someone writing an article. Because :

  • Infographics Can Improve Decision-Making about your products or services
  • Infographics help increase Brand awareness and reach new audiences
  • Infographics are Very shareable, enjoyable and memorable to people
  • Infographics have the ability to dissect a complex subject through illustrations, charts and numbers
  • Infographics make your presentations more intelligible to customers, employers or investors.
  • Infographics Can Build High-Quality Backlinks and improve your SEO

What We Do in Jobster

Jobster - 2022

Blockchain FlowChart

Personal - 2020

Medical Product Guide

Arthamid Vet - 2021

Plans Comparison

ReBath - 2019

Brewing Process

bet.Co - 2020

Predictive Chart

Audantic - 2021

BBQ Area Poster

Dubai properties - 2019


Argaleo - 2021

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Hear From My Clients


Elizabeth Peggs

Director, Corporate Marketing at Flatiron Media

We had a graph concept which was awkward to communicate SK worked to refine the different concepts until we had one that worked. Very patient and helpful. Some of the designers in the contest did come up with similar concepts but his colors and clean design really did a superior job for us.


Raphael Egli

CEO at Jobster​

Great design. Professional collaboration. Saqqa knows how to respond to the needs and wishes, to recognize the character of the brand and to create a suitable design with his eye for aesthetics that not only met my expectations but exceeded them. Gladly again.


Sebastian Hohentanner

Marketing & Sales Director bei BET Co. Ltd.

Great design that includes all aspects of the our business we wanted to show in an easy to follow layout. Working with Saqqa was very fast and efficient. We very much appreciate his creativity, professional design and communication skills.

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